2017 Member Statement & Annual Meeting

March 29, 2018
2017 Member Statement & Annual Meeting

The 2017 Financial Results were released to the membership at our 2017 Annual Meeting held in March.

Highlights from the Meeting:


CEO/General Managers Report:

Sales in 2017 reached $54.5 million, the second highest in our history. 

2017 Major Activities – (over the last few years we have been working diligently on keeping the locations that you shop in up to date and current)

Davidson Home & Agro Liquor

Successful proponent for the Davidson SLGA store.  Davidson Home and Agro went through massive transformation from April – August 2017.

Removal of VCT Tile and converted to Polished Concrete

All new shelving for Home and Agro converting to BMF Shelving – key feature is storage up top so backstock is closer to shelf, and is concealed with décor)

Liquor store includes premium finished with shelving and a 500 sq ft walk in Beer Cooler

Overall we are biased, but believe this is one of the best hybrid locations based on community size. 

We are pleased to be hosting Grand Opening celebrations in the middle of April.


Hanley Cardlock

Construction of the Hanley Cardlock commenced in May and was opened for business the beginning of August (almost 2 months ahead of initial schedule)

Looking ahead

We are always on the lookout on enhancing our business and looking for new opportunities.  The environment around us is rapidly changing, and for us to be here to serve our communities we need to change and improve. 

We are working on plans on decommissioning the Beechy Bulk Plant sometime this summer.  This plant is at the end of it’s life and to be in compliance with environmental regulations needs to be decommissioned.  Our plan is to refresh our cardlock and to have adequate storage to supply our members needs in Beechy.  Our goal is to have limited down time for this project.   As far as Bulk service goes, members can expect no change to our services as the majority of the bulk litres have been supplied from our Outlook Bulk Plant. 


Our 2017 Patronage Allocation for member purchases are:

2.5% Food, RX, Liquor

1% Home and Agro,

4.0% Prem/Mid/Reg Gasoline 3.3

4.20% Diesel 3.2

4.25% Dyed Diesel  & Oil 

Total Allocation of $1,298,079.91 with $708,966.70 being returned to the members in Cash.

3,732 members will receive a cheque.


Elected to the Board by Acclamation were:

Garth Weiterman, Cory Ouellette and Barb Cerniuk